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Save the Paradise with Stefano Bajak

October 30, 2020

Stefano lives in Mompiche, a stunning beach village surrounded by jungle on the east coast of Ecuador.

After moving from the busy city to relax, him and his partner realised that the paradise that surrounded them was going to be destroyed by developers and local people needing money. He set about raising money to buy the land so that it cannot be touched by anyone, including him.

They are setting up a business for women by women making chocolate and for men growing bamboo.

Listen to his passion and please help if you can a simple $20 can save a tree that can house 70 birds and all that lives on and in it.

David Attenboroughs  A life on our Plane is highlighting the critical necessity of their work, trees or no tree there affects our oxygen here.

If you are in Europe you can donate straight to the Dutch bank and bypass charges. Otherwise, its gofundme but they take 3%


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